Your walls speak volumes about your style and personality. Adorning your wall with the perfect wall accents will accentuate any space in your home. Personal photos, art, or art prints can spruce up your walls but framing plays an important role in achieving an impeccable look. Royal Frames offers custom framing to primp your photos and art. A one-stop-shop for all your wall décor needs, we take care of everything from printing to framing to hanging.

An extensive collection of exquisite frames gives you the power to select the most fitting frame for your art or photograph. The frames can effortlessly elevate the style quotient of your walls and homes.

There is much more to frames than what meets the eye. Beginning with the frame which is is not just available in a wide range of designs but is also available in different materials. You can pick from Fibre wood, Aluminium or Solid Wood depending on your budget and requirements.

Next, comes the mount. Mounting plays a key role in the way you want your frame to be displayed. The mounting options available at our store are:

  • 1.4 mm Mount
  • 2 mm Mount
  • Conservation Mount Board
  • Rag Mat Museum Board

The choice of mounting depends on the significance of the picture or art and the emphasis you want to create on displaying it.

Glazing is the next most important as it happens to be the protective layer between your art and the outside environment. You can avoid dust, moisture, pollution and other external damage by providing the right glaze to your frames. To preserve your art work we provide you with the following glazing options at Royal Frames:

  • Glass
  • Non-reflective Glass
  • Acrylic
  • Non-reflective Acrylic
  • Ultra UVE (70% UV Protection, 90% Less Reflection)
  • Museum Glass (99% UV Protection, 90% less Reflection)

And lastly, Masonite is used as a back board for framing.

The right combination of Frame, Mount and Glazing is what creates an immaculate picture frame. A frames that will embellish your walls and create long lasting memories too.